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It's Happy Hour

It’s time you enjoyed a real cocktail. Our Myer’s Cocktail offers a refreshing twist without the buzz. This IV therapy treatment blends vital nutrients directly into your system, creating a happy hour that truly lifts your health to new heights. Here’s the best part: when you purchase a Myer’s Cocktail, you get a FREE B12 Boost. Cheers to an added boost of energy! This offer is only available for a limited time, so book now!

Quench Your Body's Thirst

Refresh and recharge with 20% off our Quench IV Vitamin Therapy, your ultimate hydration hero. This rejuvenating treatment mingles essential vitamins to quench your wellness thirst, detox your system, and send fatigue packing. Perfect for bouncing back with vitality and glow.

Offers from our Partners

Speaking of glow, our friends at Prime Medical Spa are giving you a 15% discount on all facials booked in April in support of National Stress Awareness month. Tell us a better way to de-stress, we’ll wait.

Pair our Quench IV Vitamin Therapy with a Hydrabody and/or Hydrafacial treatment for ultimate hydration and relaxation. If you want to step it up, we hear Connie at Prime Medical Spa works wonders on those tense shoulders. Tell her we sent you!

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